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Individual thesis monitoring committee

Doctoral School 548 “Mer et Sciences” guides doctoral students throughout the preparation of their thesis.
This guidance is provided, among other things, by setting up a thesis monitoring committee (CSI, Comité de Suivi Individuel de thèse).

Individual monitoring committee

The CSI monitors the work of the doctoral student and advises him, as defined in the ED 548 Rules and Regulations.

The CSI meets at the end of each academic year and, at the latest, before the re-registration deadline. Beyond this frequency, it may also be convened at the request of the doctoral student or supervisor.

The individual monitoring committee’s form can be downloaded on the right side of this page.

The individual monitoring committee’s role is essential in determining whether an exemption from the three-year thesis preparation rule is justified.

Mediation procedure

In the event of a major conflict between the doctoral student and the thesis director (co-director or co-supervisor) or the unit director, a mediation process is offered. It is implemented by the director of the doctoral school in accordance with the general mediation provisions defined in the UTLN thesis charter and the doctoral school statutes.


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