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Doctoral contracts at the University of Toulon

The doctoral contract allows higher education and research institutions to recruit doctoral students on fixed-term contracts, for a period of three years. In addition to research activities, this contract may include other missions: teaching, promotion or dissemination of scientific culture, etc.

Doctoral contract

Since the decree of April 23, 2009, the doctoral contract has been a legal framework reference for the recruitment of doctoral students. It is concluded for three years and provides the guarantees of an employment contract in accordance with public law. It sets a minimum monthly salary allowing the doctoral student to devote himself to his research work.

It can be extended for one year for exceptional circumstances in the course of the research activity.
It is rightfully extended in the event of leave for:

  • Maternity
  • Paternity
  • Adoption
  • Long-term illness
    The extension duration will be equal to that of the leave.

The activities entrusted to the contractual doctoral student may be exclusively devoted to research but can also include other tasks: teaching, scientific and technical information, research promotion, consultancy or expertise missions for companies or public authorities.

From the second year of the doctoral contract, the University of Toulon offers doctoral students the opportunity to undertake teaching assignments. The competition opens each year at the end of May. Applications are sent to the DIREP, to the College of Doctoral Studies office at the end of June.
The College of Doctoral Studies Board assesses the applications. The contract amendments are drawn up by the Human Resources Department at the end of June / beginning of July.

The minimum salary of the contractual doctoral student is set by decision of the ministers in charge of Higher Education and Research as well as of the Budget.