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Mobility aid

Each year two calls are made to laboratories in order to promote the international mobility of doctoral students.

Mobility aids are organized in two parts. The first component is related to joint supervisions and the second is for stays abroad. The doctoral school board decides on a fixed allowance for the scholarship and the number of scholarships per component. The mobility aid allocation campaign takes place once or twice a year.

Several types of support can be provided:

A “joint thesis supervision aid” plan

For students under a joint thesis supervision who have to go to one of the thesis partner institutions

A “mobility aid for doctoral students presenting in a symposium” plan

For doctoral students who have to present a paper at a scientific event abroad

The granted aid will be supplementing the mission funding from the laboratory.

Priority will be given to second and third year doctoral students when allocating these two forms of scholarship.

A “mobility aid for a doctoral students visiting a laboratory abroad” plan

For students registered in doctorate who have to carry out research relating to their thesis subject in a foreign laboratory.


The suitable procedure for these 3 schemes is as follows

  • The yearly call for tenders addressed to the laboratory directors is initiated by ED 548
  • Laboratory directors inform doctoral students
  • The laboratories sort out the application files they receive and send them in sorted order to the ED 548
  • The files are assessed in committee by the ED 548 Board
  • ED 548 informs laboratory directors and recipient students of the outcome of the committee.